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At Pasteur Pharmatech Solutions (PPS), we provide service to the pharmaceutical industry. As pioneers in supplying Reference Standards, including those from the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), we are your authorized source for ensuring quality and compliance in your pharmaceutical processes.

PPS understands the critical nature of the pharmaceutical industry. We prioritize providing high-quality products and services tailored to your specific needs.

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Provide Renowned Global Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment to End users with after sales support and service for a continuous growth of an Industry.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction through improvement in reliability and performance of service and supply products. Set objectives, targets and periodically monitor their progress through internal audit and management Review.

To become the country's Benchmark standard setter for Pharmaceutical equipment Supply and logistic support Solutions and to establish ourselves as the most reliable, cost effective Service / equipment supply provider in the Local and Global Pharmaceutical Industry.

Our Credentials

United States Pharmacopeia 

The USP is an official, science-based reference publication establishing rigorous quality standards for medicines, food ingredients, and dietary supplements in the United States.


European Pharmacopeia

The EDQM Pharmacopeia is a crucial tool in maintaining the quality, safety, and efficacy of medicines


British Pharmacopeia

The BP is the official collection of quality standards for medicines and pharmaceutical substances.


Borosil Scientific

Borosil Scientific Limited is an Indian company synonymous with precision and quality in the world of laboratory glassware and equipment


Trusted by Industry Leaders

Reference Standards Order Stages

Quotation Stage

At this stage, the customer is required to procure the Commercial Offer for Pasteur Pharmatech Solutions.

Order Stage

At this juncture, the Customer shall designate a Purchase Order to Pasteur Pharmatech Solutions for the purpose of Order Confirmation.

Import Stage

During this stage, Pasteur will proceed with importing the products according to the specific requirements of the customer. 

Delivery Stage

During this stage, Pasteur will arrange for delivery and issue the invoice to the customer. 

History of Pasteur Pharmatech Solutions


Journey Start

Pasteur Pharmatech initiated its journey.


Start Working with Borosil Glassware

Start works with Praj Hipurity


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